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8 Traits of a Confident Woman

Let’s Talk. Some days we just need to give ourselves a proverbial smack in the head. We’ve heard the advice, we’ve read the books or attended the conferences and webinars and yet haven’t eked out the time to fully work on improving our life.  We want more out of life, we crave change, we want to realize our dreams yet, we hide behind our fears of just not measuring up to the task. Now isn’t that a kick in the head?

What’s stopping us? Usually and more than likely it’s a lack of confidence in ourselves.360Interior Living

During my 360 Mountain Moving Motiv-Action tele-class last week I shared eight character traits of a confident woman. Today I want to share them with you. Whether they are new to you or not, they could be a welcome little knock to your thinker to put them into action right away.

It’s time to totally believe in you!  Here they are:

1. She’s had enough.  When you’ve had enough of living for someone else, pleasing others, craving others’ approval or of those who bind your life with theirs; when you’ve had enough of the fear of confronting someone or are ready to stand up for yourself, you’re walking in your God-given confidence. When you are ready to step out of these types of situations and follow God fully, you are a confident woman.

2.  She doesn’t concentrate on her weaknesses but instead she develops and maximizes her strengths.  She discovers her strengths and asks God to help her

3. She believes in her values. She can confidently say about herself the same things that God says about her.  She sees herself as God sees her no matter what anyone has ever said to her or about her. She is grounded in her identity in Christ.

4. She allows God to work through her flaws. We all have flaws. Not one of us is perfect. She loves herself in a balanced and healthy way and never despises or rejects herself.

5. She takes care of herself. This means to take care of yourself first and foremost before taking care of others. This is not selfish. What does the airline hostess say about the oxygen mask? “In the event of an emergency, put your oxygen mask on first then assist someone else.”

6. She knows her strengths.  Take inventory of yourself and think about what you are good at, perhaps something you have not noticed. Make a list of what you are good at. Whatever you are good at is the area God has gifted you. This is what you must serve to the world.

7. She gets out of the boat and doesn’t sink. A confident woman gets out of her past and all that’s associated with it. She doesn’t murmur and complain about missing out on life because of her past.  She doesn’t hide her past and she knows she will never be free if she keeps running away from her past. She is no longer stuck in her past and her past is no longer stuck in her.

8. She never stops trying. A confident woman recovers from setbacks. She is in charge of her destiny and keeps trying different things until she discovers what she is here on this earth to do. She will experience some set-backs, some disappointments but she never stops trying until she discovers her place. This place will feel right to her.

And the greatest thing about confidence is when it is rooted in God, we can act in boldness and assurance in Him. So we can say confidence is all about being positive concerning what you can do and not worrying over what you cannot do. A confident woman is opened to learning because she knows her confidence allows her to walk through life’s doorways eager to discover what waits on the other side. She knows that every new unknown is a chance to learn more about herself so she can unleash her abilities. She engages in positive self-talk.

Quiz yourself:

1. How often do you verbally encourage yourself? ________________________________________________________________________________________

2. What is one negative thing you have told yourself for years? ________________________________________________________________________________________

3. What is one scripture that counteracts that negative confession? ________________________________________________________________________________________

4. What pictures does this scripture bring to mind and how does it make you feel? ________________________________________________________________________________________

5. Practice self-talk in the mirror and record how it made you feel about yourself. ________________________________________________________________________________________

I believe in you!

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Love ((((hugs)))), Blessings,

© 2012, Dr. Deana Murphy. Dr. Deana, America’s 1st Interior Life Designer, is a Speaker and Executive Coach 2 Women who teaches and consults with women leaders on how to effectively apply holistic life principles to their lives. She enjoys seeing the rising trajectory and transformation in their lives while working together at Remembering Who You Are™.

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